Re: Looking for good in-ear headphones.

frank cuta

If you want buds with excellent audio and do not mind being wired try the
Boze sound sport for about $68 on amazon. What I like most about this model
is how well it stays in my ears.


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Subject: [all-audio] Looking for good in-ear headphones.

Since i travel alot i would like to have my Iphone with me and a pair of
Hover i don't like to have a big bag with my headphones in.
I really want my headphones to be small inough to fit in a jacket.
There for i am looking for a pair of in-ear headphones.
There are tons of them out there.
And i can ofcourse buy the Airpods but i really would like to know if there
are any alternatives.
I don't have the amount of money to afford apple headphones right now.
Bowers and wilkins has a pair of headphones with in-ear but they're really
Any ideas?

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