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I downloaded the latest VLC last week from the VideoLan webs ite. Noot much point in bothering with the Windows store stuff as far as I see it. May as well get it straight from the source. Unfortunately I am not having the problems you describe on my Windows 10, 64 bit OS/machine running both JAWS and nVDA. I did a couple of quick google searches and there are people who have asked this, but results are either out of date, pertain to the mac, or are youtube videos with crappy music where the guy doesn't explain what he's doing. I've also looked in the advanced preferences and can't find anything, though there is a lot of stuff there and I don't know what much of it is for ...I looked under "logging" though, which seemed the most likely place where a setting would be, and found nothing, so...
I think you asked this question before, and my answer is the same: I suggest you subscribe to the VLC forum and put your question to the experts there.

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Hello, I use VLC Media Player the latest version on my Windows 10 PC; I use the desktop version and not the one from the Windows store as I don't know how accessible that is with screen readers; I use System Access as my screen reader; it seems with every other file I open to play, I hear "VLC Crash Reporting, oops, VLC media player has crashed." I hit enter to tell it to send a crash report; then the file will play as normal. Is there a workaround to keep from getting those annoying crash reports every time I open one of my audio files? What I like about VLC is the ability to move backward or forward on the fly when playing a file. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated; also if anyone uses the Windows 10 VLC app with a screen reader, is it accessible and usable? Thanks very much.

Peter Russillo

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