Re: total recorder enquiry

Joe Paton

Hello Dean,

Thanks for writing.

I am not too sure myself. Talking to a colleague, who is making a
recording of voice input via microphone, in tandem with the screen
reader. He has it working but for the problem that latency on his voice,
is causing problems in his headphones.

Please don't say "take the headphones off." smile.

I guess I was wondering if total recorder may offer a better set of
choices and parameters to negate the latency problem.

I'm really fond of goldwave, and can't see where for the audio work that
I do, i would need to change to total rec. But it's nice to have a
choice of audio editors isn't it, and it's not a silly price either.

Mind you dean, I never used record all, although I bought it years and
years ago. Sound forge went the same way, mostly because of the price
increase when sony bought the product from sonic foundary.

Again, thanks for writing, and best regards.

Joe Paton
telephone: 01702 543624
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