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This question is very subjective. This particular question is actually
entirely dependent upon you, the one who is actually going to be the one
doing the listening because as you already know, how it sounds to one is not
going to necessarily sound the same to the next. Sound, taste, feel, smell,
etc etc etc.

We all have separate senses which I know you are well aware of. What can be
a perfect amount to one, may be a little too much for the next or maybe a
little too little so on and so forth. So it's up to you the actual listener
to determine these specifics because you are never going to hear anything in
this world through anybody else's ears. No different than you are not ever
going to eat anything with anybody else's mouth and as you know, we can go
on and on and on with the various examples, but it is literally up to each
of us to determine this, that, and the other for our various likes and

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Subject: [all-audio] Seeking a Rough Quality Comparison

Hi List.

Can anyone in the know provide me with a rough idea of what the equivalent
kbs would be for a m4a file when compared to a 160 mp3 version?

I probably haven't explained that very well.

If I have a file saved at 96kbs m4a, what would a rough approximation to
this be for an mp3 file? Would it be 128kbs or 160 kbs for example?

I've tried finding some kind of guide on the web, but haven't been able to
turn up anything that I can readily see as a comparison.

Thanks to anyone with any knowledge who can help me out with this one!


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