Re: Seeking a Rough Quality Comparison

JM Casey


I think your best bet might be to use a *slightly* higher bitrate than the
original. This will in theory mean that you will lose less quality when
transcoding from lossy to lossy format. This is up for some debate, I
believe. You could also use the same bitrate (160 in this case) and see if
you notice a difference. But as space probably isnt' a huge consideration at
this point -- my choice would probably be to use 192. I don't think there
would be much point in going higher as you won't be able to improve on
what's already in the .m4a.

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Hi List.

Can anyone in the know provide me with a rough idea of what the equivalent
kbs would be for a m4a file when compared to a 160 mp3 version?

I probably haven't explained that very well.

If I have a file saved at 96kbs m4a, what would a rough approximation to
this be for an mp3 file? Would it be 128kbs or 160 kbs for example?

I've tried finding some kind of guide on the web, but haven't been able to
turn up anything that I can readily see as a comparison.

Thanks to anyone with any knowledge who can help me out with this one!


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