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Geoff Eden

Tom, I recall that there is some kind of setting in the Olympus to tell it not to try and recharge the battery that's in it when it's plugged into a USB port. So, if you can't find this setting, try not to leave it plugged into a USB port for a long time, or you might explode the alkaline battery.

Failing that, rechargeable AAA's are easy to find, and not terribly expensive.


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I finally got it done; somehow I just always have problems with tasks like this; same with the cordless phones: you're supposed to press and slide! But never have been that good at making it happen! But I did get the door open and got the new battery in! However, I got a surprise: it asked me to "match the battery type" this threw me, for I'm not sure of what "type" battery it is (am assuming it is alkaline"...hopefully this is correct! Am recording tonight, so guess will see how it does!
Tom Kaufman P.S thanks to all of your responses!

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Yes, hold the button in while sliding tward the USB plug.

On 12/31/2019 12:35 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Byron: Which way to I slide? So luck; I know this is the way some
cordless phones work (never really have had luck with those either) will
keep trying!
Tom Kaufman

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Press down and slide it, and it should work.
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Hello list: Have sort of a "low-tech" question: I need to change the
battery/batteries in my Olympus DM-720 recorder; I know this is probably a
stupid question, but where is the place on the back of this recorder to
the battery compartment? Also, once I have found it (and I think maybe I
have found it) how do I cause the little door to open? I've pressed on
button that seems to be pressing in.but no soap; the door still does not
open! What is the magic mov I need to make in order to make the door open
for me? I'm not real good at these sort of things; something I don't
understand why! Do I have to "push and slide at the same time? Just what
is it I need to do here? Forgive my stupitidy here, but your help will be
tgreatly appreciated!

Tom Kaufman

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