Re: Recording multiple sounds simultaneously on a PC


This is the way I would do it.
Either use total recorder as it have a driver wich make it possible to
record vurtual and physical inputs at once with a small mixer utility
without having to worry what is rooted to where. That works very well
as you have control over the driver volume wich you don't have in the
case of the loopback input in goldwave.
Also to make it more simple you could try sound tap recorder from nch
but that is 29$ and con't do much, or if stil available and in working
order, you can try vurtual recorder as that was build with this
purpose in mind.
Goldwave works well when recording the vurtual input from the physical
card you select, but if you want to go beyond that then its a problem.

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sorry, check here.
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Where does one get virtual cable and how does one use in with GoldWave?


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