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JM Casey


I believe this increment moved (not just by the arrows, but by the marker
movement keystrokes for start and end marker) are controlled by your zoom
ratio. You'll have to experiment with the different zoom levels and see
which one suits you best. I have mine set to a very short increment and it's
been that way for ages, so I've just left it there, as "zoom" largely
effects what is displayed visually, which is not something I'm terribly
concerned about. As well as adjusting from the view menu, you can control
the zoom level with shift +a number. I am not 100% sure but I think there
are something like six different zoom levels available from this method,
ranging from about a second to an hour.

Play 1, 2 and 3 do whatever you wwant them to. This is what the adjustments
in the options for these buttons are for. You can have one set to play a
selection; another set to play an entire file. Or one to play a selection;
the other to play what is *not* selected. Or one to play a selection looped
until you hit stop. It's quite flexible.

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Hi. I'm using Gold wave v6.41 and JAWS 2020. I have lengthy MP3 files of
lectures I'm trying to edit. I'm able to set beginning and end markers with
the [ and ] keys and then delete portions I want to delete. However, when I
press the right and left arrows to move through the cuts, I skip ahead or
back at least five minutes, which is way too long a time. I'd like to set
the time Gold wave skips ahead or back when I'm going through a lecture to,
say, one minute. How do I do this? Changing the fields for play 1, 2 and 3
in the play menu don't seem to have any effect. Thanks!

Also, what do play 1, play 2 and play3 do, anyway?

Thanks. John

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