Re: HDMI sound Bar and a Computer?

Hamit Campos

Hell to the yeah it'll work. Now note that when listening to an internet streem for instance as there is no vid unless you've changed some of the monitor settings in the sleep stuff for the computer after a while it'll go to sleep. No biggy just hit any key. But let your friend know this because it'll just happen and they'll be taken a back cause they'll think something muted. But na dude it's all good. Infact since my Onkyo TX SR 373 5.1 surround sound AVR is in the living room I take out my lap top to listen to stuff I ripped with DVD Audio Extractor. But yes you're all good. Another thing just to note you'll have to set it as defalt. So depending on how picky their note book is they'll have to remember to set the built in speakers back to defalt to get audio after desconnecting the HDMI.

On 10/29/2019 9:38 PM, Merv Keck wrote:

I have a good speaker system on my laptop. However, I know someone who does
not. I have a Yamaha YAS106 sound bar which I used for a couple of years on
an HDTV but no longer use. This was the last model that did not have a touch
screen before they replaced it with the YAS 107 or YAZ107. I might have the
YAS and YAZ mixed up in my head now. anyway this sound bar has HDMI and
optical on it. And I was wondering since the laptop in question has HDMI
could a sound bar be connected to the computer and work for a speaker system
that way or does there need to be video involved through the HDMI on the
laptop as well?


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