I use MP3 Tag.

I'm not sure I can give you step by step procedures. But here are the major steps I think are involved.

Look in the File menu for an item to change directory. Use this to navigate to the folder containing the MP3 files.

Then select the files in the folder you want to tag. This might be all the files in the folder.

Go to the Convert menu and choose "Filename - Tag". This will use the file name to create the tag.

I think you have choices in the dialog box for how to style the tag.

You might also try some of the MP3 Tag sources in another menu whose name I cannot remember.

If you have further questions, email me.

Rob Armstrong

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Is anyone using this mp3tag program to add tags to their music files? Can you please explain how to use a folder full of filenames to create tags for the files in it? I just don't understand the syntax.


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