Re: Recording multiple sounds simultaneously on a PC

Curtis Delzer

you might check into virtual audio cable and route the different sources
to wherever you wish. In that way, you just focus on the primary source,
like "cable one" and then change all the other outputs to route to cable
one. I use virtual audio cable for many occasions when I wish to record
off the net, or more than one item into a combined recording as in your
case, voice, speech synthesizer, and other items into gold wave.
Curtis Delzer, HS.
San Bernardino, CA

On Mon, 5 Mar 2018 10:43:26 +0000
"Yusuf Osman" <yusuf.osman@...> wrote:

Hi, I am new to this list so please forgive the basic nature of my question. I'd like to be able to record demonstrations of games on my PC where I can get the sound of the game, the sound of my Screenreader and my own voice all recorded at the same time.

I am using Windows7, I have 2 sound cards, a Realtek and a Sound Blaster Audigy and have the latest version of Goldwave. I also have 2 different external Microphones which connect via the mike socket and 1 USB camera with its own in-built microphone. Oh and a pair of Plantronics Bluetooth headphones with in-built microphone.

In Goldwave I've tried setting the recording device to Loopback and whilst I get all the sounds from my PC, Jaws, Windows and the game I want to demo, I can't get any of the mikes to be recorded. If I select 1 of the mikes as the recording device I can hear my voice, and the mike picks up the sound from the speakers but the sound balance isn't great and the quality is worse.

Given what I've currently got is there any way of doing what I want? If not what do I need to be able to record all these sounds at the same time.
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