Feature-rich Audio Editors

Jesse Tregarthen


It's been a long time since I posted on here but I've been getting really serious about audio editing. I've been studying up on making stingers and jingles and podcasts. Most of my studying has come from a very helpful Youtube channel called Music Radio Creative. My attempts into producing audio from what I've learned from that channel have left me wondering if Amadeus Pro meets my needs any longer.

The people at Music Radio Creative and many other sources seem to swear by Adobe Audition CC which seems to boast a plethora of great features. I'm wondering if this is accessible either on the Mac or Windows? Preferably the Mac as I don't want to run Windows anymore than I absolutely have to.

If not Audition, then what? I do own Logic Pro but find it and GarageBand to be more music-focused and harder to edit spoken audio in. What audio editors do all of you recommend or are there ways to be more efficient at the production of radio imaging in Amadeus? Right now it is very slow going. Thanks,
Jesse Tregarthen

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