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Robbie Curtis

Hi David,

Thanks for the info. I'll bookmark the link.

On 9/27/2019 8:53 AM, David Bailes wrote:
Hi Robbie,
you can delete some audio from the start or end of the audio as follows:
I'm assuming that the track is selected, which it is by default if you open or import a file.
To delete at the start of the track:
1. Press spacebar to start playback.
2. Press X at the start time of the audio which you want to keep. Pressing X stops playback and moves the cursor to that position. You can make fine adjustments to the cursor position using left and right arrows.
3. Press Shift + J to set the start of the selection to the start of the audio.
4. Press delete.

To delete at the end of the track:
1. Press K to move the cursor to the end of the audio.
2. Press Comma a few times to move the cursor back to a few seconds before you want to the audio to end.
3. Press spacebar to start playback.
4. Press X where you want the audio to end.
5 Press Shift + K to set the end of the selection.
6 Press delete.

There's a guide to Audacity 2.3.2 for users of screen readers available at this address:


On Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 07:18 PM, Robbie Curtis wrote:

Hey Yall!

I need some help with looping a track using Audacity. I am helping a
friend with her Youtube video and she wants some background music as
she's talking. I know how to make the music repeat but I want to get rid
of the silence in between the repetition of the song. I am totally blind
so the mouse won't do me any good.

Would like your suggestions please. Thanks in advance.

Robbie J. Curtis
"Stay in peace, not pieces!"

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Robbie J. Curtis
"Stay in peace, not pieces!"

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