Re: Difficulties Installing Reaper on Windows 7 Laptop

Georgina Joyce

Hello Danny,

Can you not use windows explorer and find the executable file? Or if you hit the start button and type reaper what happens?

Did you know about the audio ins and outs course?


On 26 Sep 2019, at 10:25, Danny Miles <> wrote:

Hi Everyone. I'm trying to install the free 60-day trial of Reaper
for Windows (64-bit) on my laptop. However, whether I allow it to
install to the default Program Files folder or edit the folder path so
that it reads Program Files (X86), I'm finding that it claims to
install correctly but doesn't create a Start Menu or Desktop icon for
future use and I'm therefore unable to open the software. I've
noticed that there are some questions requiring yes or no answers
during the installation, and for some reason Jaws 14.0 doesn't read
these or announce whether or not the check boxes for items such as the
aforementioned icons are selected or not, so I've got no way of
knowing exactly what I'm installing. I've already installed the Jaws
scripts for Reaper, and I assume that I should install the program
before adding Osara, so I assume that inaccessibility isn't strictly
the cause of these problems (although, as I say, the lack of clarity
regarding the highlighting of tick boxes is unhelpful). Can anyone
please advise on how to get everything installed correctly? Also, I'd
appreciate recommendations for any suitable tutorials/email
lists/Facebook groups/etc., especially as the company's user guide
appears to be an inaccessible PDF. Many thanks in advance for any

Take care, Danny


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