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Hamit Campos

What's a figure 8 mic look like? I keep hearing they hear from the frunt and back. What's that mean? So hear's what I emagin. Something like an SM58 but as well as hearing you at the front end like the 58 it heard you even if you're talking at the XLR end of it. Sorry if this isn't too clear but again I've not used a true figure 8. Only the H6's little mid side ball. But not a true studio figure 8 capable mic. Well I guess my question might be hard to answer as I guess it depends on what company made the mic and what said mic looks like. Also I ask because I was talking to someone and I said that I figure that the human ear drum if compaired to mics would I suspect be omni patterned. Than in replay to that comment someone figured they'd be figure 8. But again if figure 8 mics work as I suspect from what people say about them that doesn't add up. Because why than do you hear things in front of your head and right in back? Figure 8 would be a strange pattern.

On 9/23/2019 10:30 PM, tim cumings wrote:
I would not recommend a figure 8 pattern if you are sitting in the audience and want to record the people on stage. A firugre eight microphone picks up equally from the front and the back of the mic, so it would pick up the audience as well as the people on stage. You probably want a pair  of cardioid or shotgun microphones.

On 9/23/2019 10:13 PM, Hamit Campos wrote:
A pair of Matched SE-7s should do. I was going to ask if it had to be dynamic or condencer but he says he'll be in the audiance so that means he's pretty far. No not realy but I'm not sure how far dynamics hear. So SE-7s would do. They're only $199 for a stereo matched pair.

On 9/23/2019 6:54 PM, Georgina Joyce wrote:

A portable cardioid or shot-gun microphone taken by each speaker will give the best results but there is going to be some handling noise. Unless the mics are very expensive.

The common terms are omni-directional and figure 8 polar patterns that may meet the criteria as expressed.

The choice of microphone depends upon the quality desired and the money available. In addition to the event’s structure and location.  If all participants are co-operative.

On 23 Sep 2019, at 22:09, tim cumings <> wrote:

Hi, Steve.
It depends what type of microphone you are talking about. If you mean a standard cardioid microphone, that might work fairly well. If you meansomething that is even more directional, like a shotgun microphone, it might be difficult if there are multiple speakers on the stage, since you would have to move the microphone back and forth to capture the audio from all the speakers.
Also in this particular situation I would advise that you use headphones to insure you are getting the best possible recording.
On Sep 23, 2019, at 10:32 AM, Steve Jacobson <> wrote:

Does anybody have experience with using a uni-directional microphone to record a presenter at a meeting from the audience?  I know there are directional microphones that work well to allow a speaker to be picked up at a close range while suppressing feedback, for example, but I am interested in being able to better pick up a speaker from, say, the first row in the audience.  Any thoughts on what degree this is practical would also be of interest.

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Steve Jacobson


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