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JM Casey

I don't really know how to do this in Audacity ; I was using it a bit for a while but kind of put it on the back burnder. I'm trying to learn Reaper, but the learning curve is a bit steep. I could accomplish this using Goldwave. There is a trim silence feature you can use, and aside from that, you could always just find an appropriate place in the file and just repaste appropriately as needed. I think there are several ways to accomplish this and, maybe you'll have to get creative. If Audacity doesn't have a functino to automatically trim silence, or if it does but it still isn't to your liking (entirely possible), you'll have to edit manually. I have done this before as well but, it's been a while.
Sorry if this isn't too helpful, but, given the tools that you have, you should be able to accomplish something satisfactory. Someone more familiar with Audacity should certainly chime in.

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Hey Yall!

I need some help with looping a track using Audacity. I am helping a friend with her Youtube video and she wants some background music as she's talking. I know how to make the music repeat but I want to get rid of the silence in between the repetition of the song. I am totally blind so the mouse won't do me any good.

Would like your suggestions please. Thanks in advance.

Robbie J. Curtis
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