Re: Sound Bars: Can I Really Get A Good-Sounding One Without Spending Way over A Hundred Dollars?

Tom Kaufman

Hello Pete and list: Thanks for the info; since the TV I'd be hooking the
sound bar up to is a Sony, that one model you described might work the best
with that TV; the other thing is...I need something that isn't too
complicated for me to operate! Thinking back, the sound bar that the tech
from Dish Network brought in didn't seem to have any ways of changing the
tone; at least he didn't offer that there was any way of making it sound any
better! I got the idea that when he plugged it in, it kind of "was what it
was" and that's all there was! Perhaps I should have inquired more as to if
there were any buttons I needed to know about, although it seems to me that
if there had been, he would have shown these to me! Now these sound bars
that you're talking about: are the sub woofers built right into the ssound
bar itself? Or is it like you get the sound bar; then a bitg sub-woofer
that you set someplace, much like my speakers I have hooked to my computer?

Tom Kaufman

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Without Spending Way over A Hundred Dollars?

hi Tom,

in the price range your looking for it's worth taking a look at:

Soundcore Infini Pro Integrated 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and
Built-in Subwoofers, TV Surround Sound System with 4K HDR Pass-Through,
HDMI Arc, Bluetooth 5 Wireless Music Streaming:

it's regular price is $249.99 but from what i read there's sometimes a
voucher available for up to $50 which you can just tick the check box to

this soundbar has dolby atmos, 120w sound output, HDMI and HDMI
there's even a IOS app that you can use for controlling the soundbar.
and depending on wether you have any usable sight people reviewed saying
there are easy to see white lights on the soundbar that illuminate to
indicate which function you are controlling when making changes with the
remote control.
it's made by Anker.
hope this helps.


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