Re: Olympus DM-720 Voice recorder, I like it

Mike Busboom

Glad you are pleased with your DM720, Dane. I use mine to record meetings and interviews pretty frequently.

Though it is not intended as a music recorder, I have used mine to record outdoor piano concerts as well as one house concert for piano and chello.

Take care,


On 12.09.2019, at 03:07, Dane Trethowan <> wrote:

The recorder looks very similar to the LS-P4 except for the microphones
which are indented into the case and have openings on the top, front and
back of the machine - similar to the DM-4 I once owned but on a smaller

Many of the practical features for a Voice Recorder have been retained over
the DM-4 including the "Timer Recording" which many people may find

The DM-720 doesn't record to the quality of the LS-P4 and was never intended
to given the DM-720 is a voice recorder whereas the LS-P4 is designed for
more versatile recording tasks such as recording live music etc.

Nevertheless the user can take full advantage of the "Look ahead" bugger
that is enabled when "Auto" level, use manual recording level and everything

The DM-720 uses 1 AAA battery as does the Olympus LS-P4 and you can choose
what battery type you will be using, rechargeable or standard alkaline
battery types are supported.

Only 2 recording formats are supported on the DM-720, PCM and MP3 but again
the DM-720 is a voice recorder and the fact that PCM is still supported is
to me a added bonus in a recorder of this type.

Internal memory is only 4GB and this should be enough for most voice
recording applications. The memory can be expanded further by the use of a
memory card.

Voice Guidance is part of the Dm-720 and a person without sight can set the
clock and timers though folder listings are not read.

My Dm-720 didn't come with any carrying case or windscreen though I'm sure
the Gutman Windscreen I purchased for the Olympus LS-P4 will fit the DM-720
withotu a problem.

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