Re: h1n furder findings not discussed yet by anyone


Really, great. The mikes is very sensitive, and I don't no wich wind
screen to use, I only have those of the h4n but when I used it with
GoldWave I had very good results. Stil need to do a few other tests
outside. I don't like the auto gain much, there olympus does better,
and the limiter have some noise so don't want to use it much, but the
rest is up to standard. I cannot get it to work on ios, so need to
maybe call zoom for that one.

On 9/12/19, Dane Trethowan <> wrote:
So how are you finding the recorder thus far?

On 9 Sep 2019, at 8:25 pm, Aidan <> wrote:

Ok, I got one of these for a few days now, and now hope to answer
stuff that were still remained unclear.
When working with the four buttons, audio format, LowCut, limiter, and
auto gain, its best to give each to quick presses to ensure that you
actually toggle a setting, because the first press only give status as
to the current setting value.
The formats in sequence, are to my knoledge:
wave 44.1/16bit. Wave 48/16bit, wave 48/24bit, wave 96/24bit, mp3
128kbps, mp3 192 kbps, mp3 256kbps, mp3 320kbps.
You can here the LowCut and limiter when they on/off when having
headphones connected.
To access the extra recording features, there is no menu button.
You must hold down the stop button, then while holding down, the for
buttons become the following from left to rite.
Auto record, pre record, self timer, and sound marker.

This makes it very easy to change settings.
So while holding down stop, you press the auto gain button for
example, twice, and it will turn on/off the sound marker.
When doing playback, this is what happens.
After pressing play, the back and forward buttons will skip files, and
to forward/rewind you must hold them down.
But dearing playback the four buttons shows the following.
from left to rite:
Mark, info, repeat, and moad.
And the marks you create when pressing the mark button only once per
time, will be usable in goldwave/soundforge.
I don't manage to see the marks in total recorder.
When pressing the LowCut wich become info dearing playbac, you enter a
file info screen wich you must navigate, and don't have much use to us
normally, so I didn't play there really.
Repeat also is working by pressing the button twice quickly to change
between, repeat one, repeat all, and off.
When pressing the auto gain button wich became moad dearing playback,
a new screen appears.
Then you find that the buttons from left to rite become:
Speed, Sound/EQ a - b repeat, and return to previous screen.
As the file play you will here as you change speed with the audio
format button, or the EQ with the LowCut button.
Same with A B repeat. And also while in that screen, the forward and
back buttons will move more rapitly fru the file when pressed and let
go as suppose to holding them down.
If you stop playback you can exit that screen or just press the auto
gain button wich will take you to the first playback screen you get
when pressing play, wich contain mark, info, repeat, and mode.
When connecting to pc this is what you get,
the USB screen each time a cable is connected, will lands on audio
interface mode or whatever they call it.
You then need to press the limiter once to move to card reader and
then press the auto gain button wich will act as enter, and mass
storage will connect.
When disconnecting from pc, and this was never discussed, I guess
there could be more than one way to do it, I don't no, but this is
what I found.
I press and hold down the stop button, then the format button becomes
direct monitor on/off, and the auto gain button becomes exit.
So while holding stop I press auto gain once, then the exit screen
comes up, then I press LowCut wich is up arrow, and auto gain for
enter, then it will return to the main screen and you will here pc
If you don't interact with it after removing the cable it won't return
to your file list or recording screen.

As for sound card mode, this is what you get.
When inserting the cable, it will move to audio interface mode each time.
Now you press auto gain to enter, then you can choose between pc/mac or
It will land on pc/mac each time you press enter on the audio interface
So you can just press enter again, then it will ask for wich sorce you
want to use for power, Buss power or batteries?
It lands on buss power each time that promt is accessed, so you can
just press enter again. Only then your inputs and outputs will appear
in windows/mac.
I stil have to figure out ios mode.
When deleting a file you press delete, then LowCut for up arrow, then
enter/auto gain to except/confirm.
I stil have to figure out how to delete marks on the recorder.
Currently I delete them from GoldWave.
Lastly, to access the setting screen, (sited help is well needed here)
you hold down delete while powering on.
to update the firmware after copyed the bin file to the SD card, you
hold down the play/pause button while powering on.

And to overdub, you hold play/pause and then press record.
Just keep format set to wave.

Hope this can help as only some things were breethly mentioned and the
manual not well rittin.


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