A rather strange sound problem

Yusuf Osman

Hi all, please bear with me whilst I describe the situation.

My desktop has an in-built sound card (NVIDIA) and a separate sound card (Strix). The former is used for my Screenreader (Jaws or NVDA) and the latter for recording via the line-in from sounds coming from my Amp.

I often like to listen to what I am recording whilst I am cooking in the kitchen, and in order to do this I connect a pair of Plantronics headphones via a Bluetooth dongle.

When these are plugged in and turned on, all the sounds from my in-built sound card I.E. Jaws and Windows come via the headphones. If I go in to the recording tab sheet of the sounds dialogue in windows no sound is heard at all. This only happens in that tab sheet and in no other. Additionally it only happens when the Plantronics headphones are connected. Luckily I have a braille display and am able to select the line-in and via it's properties select the listen checkbox. Once I've left that dialogue and the recording tab sheet Jaws, windows and the sound from the line-in all start playing over the headphones without an issue.

If anyone is still reading thanks. Does anyone know why sounds disappear when in the recording tab sheet but nowhere else? I used to have a similar setup with my previous computer and this didn't happen. I'm running Windows10.

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