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Hamit Campos

Does the P4 look like the LS 7? Which the P2 apparently did. I kinda liked that razer look.

On 9/8/2019 7:53 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
Okay you said what I meant to say in my earlier post.
The Olympus LS-P4 isn’t a professional audio recorder and was never intended to be.
If you want a professional audio recorder then you’re better off starting with the Zoom H1N and working your way up from there.
For most audio recording jobs however the Olympus LS-P4 can really shine.
Line-In jobs are a bit of a pain but can be done with the use of an attenuation patch cord.
The other remarkable thing about the LS-P4 is the amount of recording time you can get out of 1 AAA rechargeable battery.
Obviously the higher the sample and bit rate then the more battery power is used but battery life can be improved significantly if you choose to record in MP3 which may be all you need of you’re recording lectures or other voice content.
The Olympus recorders offer plenty of scope for power saving including the turning off or dimming of lights and as some of us have no vision anyway lights are something we don’t really need.

On 9 Sep 2019, at 9:42 am, Hamit Campos <> wrote:

Ah if ya want perfect than 1 must get the 744-T or what ever the new thing is now. Hmmmmmmmmm maybe it's the 788-T. But in any case yeah the points you made are all true and I agree. I also like that zoom wide feature that even the DMs had. It does make the stereo panning wider on your files. I know it adds more floor as Neal pointed out with the P-2 but still an epic feature. The fact they talk makes it so symple to do stuff on the fly.

On 9/8/2019 4:31 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
I like many things about the LS-P4.
First is its size which is of that of a small candy bar.
Yes the menus talk and you can also set the clock however the file listing doesn’t talk though that would be the only thing.
The recorder handles up to 96K/24 Bit sampling and can also record in FLAC as well as the usual MP3 and Wave formats.
The LS-P4 handles Bluetooth so you can stream the audio of the recorder to a set of headphones, speakers and so on.
The recorder isn’t perfect but for less than $200 Australian the Olympus is an absolute bargain for those wanting a handy recorder to record.. well.. just about anything.

On 9 Sep 2019, at 4:16 am, Curtis Delzer <> wrote:

what is it you particularly like about the ls-p4? does it have menus which talk, etc.


Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA

On 9/2/2019 4:41 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
The problems with wind and the Olympus LS-100 are incredibly bad, you just have to breathe on the machine to hear the noise.
My favourite Olympous recorder by far is the LS-P4, at last Olympus have something which perfectly fits into the recorder range and does everything well except for playing back audio through the internal speabut as people know I've never judged recorders by their dreadful internal speakers anyway.
Its possible in my view that we won't see another Olympus recorder with XLR inputs and Olympus will just cater for the market it knows, the voice recorder and camera market.

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Oh yeah the wind into the buttons thing. I've never felt up an LS-100 but that sounds like there are openings someware whre the wind is going into. I remember Neal mentioning and demoing this. I didn't worry about it as much as had I got 1 like I do with my H6 I'd mostly use my AT-8022. Sure I did consider the issue because for run and gunn quick out doors stuff it would be a problem. As is the over censitivity of the XY H6 to wind. Dude those guys can't take wind at all. Shocked me it did that the LS-14 mics can handle more wind.

On 9/2/2019 6:38 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
Unfortunately - as good as the LS-100 is - the recorder has its share of problems.
Rule number one with the LS-100 recorder seems to be, "Don't do any outdoor field recording".
Wind gets into this recorder even if the recorder is dressed in a windscreen, that shouldn't happen with a recorder supposedly as good as the LS-100 is.

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specific type

But why did olympus stop the ls100, why did they not make a new model improved? I am worried because they seem to have less models now and the american site is not up rite now. Hope they won't faid away, but even though, they stil didn't get to the level zoom did, and its defnitly wundering why not enough blind people use these? I mean half of them might not even no what fantum power is.

On 9/2/19, Hamit Campos <> wrote:
Actually as an adendum they being Olympus must've at 1 point because
they did make the DM-4. So maybe they figured it out even if when the
first 3 DS recorders that spoke only did for what ever ease of use
reason they did to start with.

On 9/2/2019 4:40 PM, Hamit Campos via Groups.Io wrote:
Well for general recording it's usable enough. the only real
problems are that 1 no talking so you will need help when menu
diving. Then 2 no beeps music or nothing like the PTRs or Olympus's
so you'll need headphones to know what is armed what's not and how
many tracks are armed. But for grabbing and going meh once you've
gotten the menu diving and track arming out of the way you good. I have 1 and love it.
I got it because it's a 6 channal recorder and it has a brighter
sound than the LS 100. I only meantioned teh 100 because you asked
for a "blind friendly" recorder. Sad ain't it? That there's nothing
PTR2 accessible but with XLRs phantum and that is studio grade.
Could it be that it's supposed that blind people either don't care
for studio gear or don't know enough to do so? Sorry if that offends
anyone but 1 does have to wander why there's no true studio grade
blind friendly gear. Remember friends who knows why the Olympus DS
50 even spoke in the first place. Did olympus know or care blind
people used them? Who even knows.

On 9/2/2019 3:55 PM, Christopher Wright wrote:
How accessible is the h6?

On 9/2/2019 3:50 PM, Aidan wrote:
Yes, just keep in mind that ls100 cannot record from 2 or more
inputs at the same time, only one at a time. Whereas the zoom h6
can, and to turn each input on/off, is very easy.

On 9/2/19, Hamit Campos <> wrote:
There use to be, the Olympus LS-100. So if you can find 1 on EBay
or Amazon go for it.

On 9/2/2019 3:29 PM, Christopher Wright wrote:

Is there a blind-user-friendly audio recorder that has dual
XLR/1/4″ combo inputs or one XLR input and a 3.5mm input that
goes to a separate channel?

This question was inspired by the following blog post:

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