Value for money speakers

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>


If you're in Australia then you may wish to check out Google Home Max at the
"Good Guys" retail outlets.

I stopped by my local store yesterday to get a few bits and pieces and
discovered that the Google Home Max was on sale for $299 a unit which is a
steal, my original Google Home Max cost me near $500 a year or so ago so no
excuse for me not to buy a second Google Home Max to make a "Pair" in the

Pairing the two speakers was easy enough and is done through the Google Home
App though the pairing procedure wasn't obvious at first so I called on my
friend Google to give me a helping hand.

I am still having a couple of issues that I need to resolve with my new
Google Home Max pair.

The first relates to Airfoil, I cannot stream to the new speaker pair -
eieither streaming stereo to the pair or to individual speaker in the pair
doesn't work - and I've not yet tried connecting an audio device to either
one of the speakers to see if the audio comes out in stereo through both
speakers in the pair, all in good time for that test I guess <smile>.

The prices quoted here are in Australian dollars so there's no reason why
residents of the US shouldn't be able to get even better deals than the one
mentioned here.

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