Reccomendations for Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Laurent Cadet de Fontenay <laurentd@...>

Sent from my iPhoneHi all!

My trusty wired apple earpods have finally given up the ghost and I'm now quite keen to enter the world of nifty little wireless earbuds with their conpenient charging cases! However, I'm loathed to throw money at Apple if similar or better functionality could be obtained elsewhere at a lower price! So, have any of you had any good, or bad, experiences with wireless bluetooth earbuds from other manufacturers?

I intend using these primarily for audiobooks and a bit of music on my commute, so my priorities for function are:
Low latency for effective use with Voiceover or Talkback
Reasonable battery life, and prefferably a charging case
Audio quality need not be suberb, as long as it doesn't sound like something talking out of a toilet bowl the way my new knock-off earpods are sounding right now! :)

I know for example, that Anker make the Liberty range of wireless earbuds. Has anybody checked them out?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All best,

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