Re: digital audio recorders: looking for a specific type

Hamit Campos

Oh by the way almost forgot. you said duel XLR. So the H6 may be too much and too big. The H4N Pro is your little friend. Again though not accessable if accessable or blind friendly means PTR2. or Olympus with the feiew that did talk. Also as this has 2 modes if you don't need multi files just keep it in stereo mode and like an Olympus it'll just record into the folders and that's it. The H5 which is a bit bigger and the mics snap off like on the H6 also could work too. The thing with the H6 is that think of it as an H4N Pro or H5 for ever in multi track mode. Thus not only does it record in folders 1 threw 10 but since you are expected to do multi track or really multi file recordings each time you record it creates a new folder with that recording in it. I find this mad annoying and waistfull for stereo but tought myself to exept it for the time being untill I get multible mics. Again surround sound is the name of my game with my H6. So it's just as well it does what it does. Just kinda extranious with what me just using an AT-8022.

On 9/2/2019 3:33 PM, Hamit Campos wrote:
There use to be, the Olympus LS-100. So if you can find 1 on EBay or Amazon go for it.

On 9/2/2019 3:29 PM, Christopher Wright wrote:

Is there a blind-user-friendly audio recorder that has dual XLR/1/4″ combo inputs or one XLR input and a 3.5mm input that goes to a separate channel?

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