Re: Bose Home Speaker 500

Anders Holmberg

Hi!The Home pod doesn’t seem to sell every where in the world.
But get it if you can afford it.

30 aug. 2019 kl. 04:36 skrev Kelly Pierce <kellytalk@...>:

Why mess around with this device? If you want a fabulous sounding
speaker, get the Home Pod for $100 less. It can be controlled
accessibly through an i Phone. Target sold it earlier this summer for
$200, half the price of the Bose 500.

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On 8/28/19, Colin Phelan <colinphelan1@...> wrote:
Hi All,

Does anyone have one of the above. I love the style and sound of the unit
and that meets my purpose.

My concern is it appears to have a touch screen only and I would be
interested in whether a few bump ons or similar can address this and make
the functionality accessible.

Thanks for any thoughts


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