Re: Anyone using any of the Applian Technology programs?

Georgina Joyce


There is great free material from the link below. With professional delivery the Audio Ins and Outs course is well worth working through. I haven’t listened to the Goldwave course as I am working with Reaper.


On 30 Aug 2019, at 13:01, Yusuf Osman <> wrote:

Hi, I've been using Replay7 for years to record various materials on to my computer via the Line-in on my computer. Now that I've bought a new PC with Windows10 I've been looking at the more recent offerings from Applian. I've only taken a brief look but they don't seem to work as easily with Jaws as Replay7, although that might be because I am not as familiar. Is there anyone who uses Replay Capture 7 or any of the other programs in the Replay range that could comment on their usability?

Alternatively what else could I use to record from a line-in to my PC.

I do have GoldWave on my computer but have never managed to successfully record from the line-in.


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