Re: A Question About Simulating An Ambience


Hey JM,
Long time no see! How's it going man? We need to talk someday again :)

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll see what I get googling "vocal tannoy audio effect editor".
Oh, playing with highpass filter is always cool! Lots of fun with this tool which can be used for many things at the same time.

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JM Casey wrote:

Well, most of those speakers are very low quality, so you probably want an eq filter to remove most of the low frequencies from your voice. I've seen presets that say things like "telephone" and the like; soundforge probably has some. Experiment with high-pass filters (sorry, I'm a bit new to this so I hope I got this right) and see what you can come up with. I just did a quick google search for "vocal tannoy effect audio editor" and a lot of results came up. You'll just have to experiment. Have fun.

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