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Gerardo Corripio

Great! Thanks for the info! I’ll go and download it from BARD as we speak.

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De: Georgina Joyce
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Hello Dane,

It probably was the ATR 2100 which is the first mic I purchased. However, it’s noise floor is pretty bad. I recently obtained a used Shure SM58 which is far superior. I purchased a used Shure because it was declared to be a genuine Shure mic as the market is flooded with copies. What flattery.

I did think that the Zoom H6 could have been made a little more robust. I appreciated your comments about the F8N. I wondered how much can you do via IOS bluetooth connection? You said about the menu system being more comprehensive, or at least that’s how I read your comments. Can these be changed over bluetooth?


On 9 Jul 2019, at 23:03, Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...> wrote:

Always love to hear about new recorders too and I do very much love my Zoom F8N as I did my Zoom H6.
I would - if I had my time again however - not have bothered with the H6 in the first place for several reasons.
I do appreciate that for many of us - as was the case with me - that the F8N might seem the impossible dream when it comes to price but saving for the F8N is very well worth it.
Firstly the controls and construction of the recorder are far superior in my opinion, the level dials are far easier to adjust if you don't have vision, the controls on the front are marked for easier navigation which may be useful for some people etc.
As for microphones? Well you have the world at your fingertips as far as I know. I was looking for particular desktop microphones but I've gone away from that idea now. I already have one Audio-technica dynamic microphone here which was recommended to me in a Getting started In Podcasting article - can't remember the model number at this time -.
The microphone unit has both an XLR and USB connection so I think I'll buy a couple more and make a good job of it <smile>.
Each microphone comes with a small stand so they can be set on a tabletop or you can go all out and buy a huge stand that the microphones can screw into.

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Well since I think I just got rid of that email remind me again what pack vultages you want? I'll ask him. Also we may run into the fact that I don't know if you are here in the USA are you? other countries may have other things. I'm paying close attention to the new F6. It's small, it's got 6 XLRs all down the sides and the coolest thing about it is that it'll do 32 bit lloat wav. Also it's got duel A to D converters. So it's hard to destort it supposedly if not next to imposible.

On 7/9/2019 2:07 PM, Andy via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi again Hamid.

Curtis Jud' is a very nice person and I think he's like a sighted Neal

I'm not sure if I have the skill to subscribe to his Youtube folder,
though I'm sure he would be the very best guy to ask about these things.

I only wrote to this list with this question because I know there are
a number of Zoom users on the list. Perhaps someone will respond
later this evening.. Thanks for reminding me about Curtis?

Very best wishes.

Andy from Scotland.

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As for packs go on to 1 of Curtis Jud's videos of the F8N and ask him
in the comments. He'll respond. He usually gets back to me. I can't
help with the body mic though. though you reminded me of a back pack
kinda rig someone made up to strap a pair of Rode NT1-A mics to
himself. I wana do that rig.

On 7/9/2019 1:36 PM, Andy via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi all.

Not done much since getting my Zoom. Things are a bit sad over here
with Brexit I suppose.

Anyway, I've decided to purchase a Sure 57 and a 58 from a good
store in glasgow. These are needed for indoor work and I need a bag
and a tripoide with a right angle.

but still my thoughts return to out and about recording.

I'm in touch with a nice guy in America who is going to sell me a
set of BSM 9 binaural microphones with a small power pack and XLR
adaptore to convert 3/4 in to XLM. So that's on-going.

what I'm looking for now is a fairly high quality body microphone
with windshield so I can get, at last , out and about in Glasgow,
recording dozens of Buskers in the street.

So what would you use in my position, visiting, New York for example?

I'd also welcome a recommendation for an external power pack for the
Zoom F8n from 10 to 16 amps -watts - or whatever they messure these

Any advice would be very welcome.

Very best wishes and have a very nice Thanks Given celebration with
your loved ones.

Andy Logue.


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