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Darran Ross

Thanks, so as long as the TV is ARC ready, any HDMI cable should do the job.

Its not for me, my parents just want a cheap and cheerful solution to improve the sound on their telly and I was just making sure they'd have what they need before starting to set it up.


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It's not a cable issue. ARC is usually out of port 1 of your TV. This brings the TV data to the TV out HDMI on your AVR. Or perhaps this too is how the HDMI sound bars work too. Not sure as I'm not really a fan of sound bars. it's fake surround sound. Why not get the real

On 8/10/2019 3:55 PM, Darran Ross via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi List.thing? But yeah it's not a cable problem oh maybe only in what speeds the particular cable can handle.

Forgive what may well be a very silly question, but do all HDMI cables support ARC, or do you need to buy a specific ARC enabled HDMI cable?



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