Re: Sound Forge Question About Applying Edits with an SFK File

Steve Matzura

I answered my own question by discovering that SF does not have this capability. That'll learn me to close it before I check what I've saved! LOL

On 7/29/2019 1:45 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:
I recorded something for three hours, edited it, and saved the edited version. When I attempted to play it back, it's as if the file contains no audio data because nothing is heard. I still have the original file and its SFK. Is it possible to re-apply the edits? It only took me half an hour to get the edits right, so if I have to do it over again, it wouldn't be a crime, but if I don't have to, I'll be happy twice--once because I didn't have to do it over, and the second time because I got to learn something. Advice appreciated.

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