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Regarding your last statement.
Every manufacturer has pros and cons with their products, B&O is no exception.
Take their headphones for example which are a shining piece of art both in build and audio quality.
Problems start to creep in when you wish to control the volume and so on as you have to use a rotor like gesture to raise and lower the volume.
So that’s all nice but why make things so absolutely and unnecessarily complicated? We’re talking about a set of headphones and the last thing I want when listening to headphones is complication with touch gestures when a simple up/down volume button or even a simple up/down swipe could do the trick.
Another trend headphones seem to be taking is using Apps for adjustments, why? Too bad if you want to use your cans away from a Smart Phone.

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I seem to have narrowed it down to a make called Doss. I've never heard of this make of speakers at all.

You can never go wrong with any kind of B&O product. Pricy but good.


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Hi there and good to see you after your too long an absence <smile> That speaker doesn’t sound familiar to me though I’m not surprised as there are millions upon millions of Bluetooth speakers out there all looking for your attention.
Some are incredibly worthwhile attention seekers whilst the majority unfortunately seem to have one problem or other.
Having a lightning port as a charging connector doesn’t surprise me, obviously this Bluetooth speaker was designed to be used in conjunction with IOS.
The Lightning port has an uncertain future so I’d stay away from thise if possible and elect to go with something that has a USB C port.
A round speaker as you described it makes me think of Logitech though it could be a million others.
I’m glad you mentioned Bluetooth speakers as I’ve been in conversation with a friend who has several different pairs of Bluetooth speakers, like me he’s addicted to his audio and particularly Bluetooth speakers right now so I’ll go through the 3 pairs I know Tom has and summaries his comments on those.
Tom bought a JBL Charge 4 and it seems a nice sounding package for what it is however hands free quality is dreadful and we’ve tested this using FaceTime and IOS devices obviously, the JBL is at the bottom of the pile.
Next Tom bought some Key Muo speakers - hope I got the spelling right - for around $300 US I believe.
These speakers have a very nice sound but lack a little bass, incredibly portable at less than 4 inches high each.
You will need two of these if you want a stereo pair.
Those who know Kef speakers will appreciate the Uni-Cue drivers - one driver with the woofer making up the driver with a small tweeter in the centre, this arrangement seems to disperse sound around a room more evenly without a sweet spot, the Key Egg system I have uses such an arrangement though on a larger scale.
Unfortunately the Key Muo’s don’t have hands free speakerphone capability and I have no objection to that as its quality sound I’m after.
Tom’s top of the range speaker at the moment in his opinion is the B&O P6 speakers and I’m trying to find a place where I may go to listen to some of these as - going by Tom’s description and from tests we’ve done with the hands free - they sound spectacular in every way.
Again you’ll need a pair of these little beauties if you want stereo sound and the price isn’t cheap but quality from B&O comes at a price, $600 per speaker unit.
The P6 is portable with a battery lasting for 22 hours I believe.
The Hands Free is one of the best I’ve ever heard from a Bluetooth speaker.
I still have my B&W T7 speaker which is nearly 3 years old.
B&W are still selling this user which is a wonderful testament to the quality sound and build of the T7 in my opinion.
Nothing wrong with looking around at what other company’s have to offer of course which is exactly what I’ll be doing shortly.

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Hi all

Want to know if some of you technical gurus can help me.

Someone gave me a Bluetooth speaker to test for her.

This is one of the strangest Bluetooth speakers I have ever worked with!

Firstly, it uses an apple lightning port to charge from and not a
micro usb port. So you would need a lightning to USB port to charge it with.

The speaker stands on a base upright and is slightly thinner at the
top. It is rubberised on the side but it seems if you can remove the
rubber. It’s also a completely sircular speaker.

The on and off switch is on the bottem underneath the speaker so you
cannot accidentaly slide it. Under the rubber there also seems to be some buttons.
There is a very clearly distinguishable button which may be a volume
up and down button but which you can also press inwards.

The best make I can come up with is


But I am at a luss to find a manual for this thing.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Andr é

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