strange bluetooth speaker

André van Deventer

Hi all

Want to know if some of you technical gurus can help me.

Someone gave me a Bluetooth speaker to test for her.

This is one of the strangest Bluetooth speakers I have ever worked with!

Firstly, it uses an apple lightning port to charge from and not a micro usb
port. So you would need a lightning to USB port to charge it with.

The speaker stands on a base upright and is slightly thinner at the top. It
is rubberised on the side but it seems if you can remove the rubber. It’s
also a completely sircular speaker.

The on and off switch is on the bottem underneath the speaker so you cannot
accidentaly slide it. Under the rubber there also seems to be some buttons.
There is a very clearly distinguishable button which may be a volume up and
down button but which you can also press inwards.

The best make I can come up with is


But I am at a luss to find a manual for this thing.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Andr é

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