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Steve Jacobson


There are things we don't know about what happened there, so possibly my suggestions are not relevant. If the sound connection worked when the technician was there, then I am guessing something may be changing in your sound card connections. Trying to unplug and plug in the cable to your sound card could correct the problem. Try to determine if any dialog boxes are appearing asking if you plugged in a device. You may need to choose which device was plugged in.

The first thing I would do if you never heard any sound even when the technician was there is to check the connections at both ends of the cable to be sure they are firmly connected. Even if the technician didn't change anything on your computer, the connector could have been partly pulled out when the cable was being connected at your stereo. It is less likely that the poor connection would be at the stereo end.

If both ends of the cable appear to be securely connected, I would next try to determine where the problem is. First, become familiar with where all of the connections are on your sound card so that you can remember where the stereo cable was connected. Next turn the volume down on your stereo. Remove the connection from your sound card, taking care to carefully note where it is connected. If it is a mini-standard or 1/8-inch plug, find another source of sound with the same size of jack, a phone, an iPod, a radio, anything. It doesn't matter what the quality, only that it gives you continuous sound. Plug the plug from the cable to your stereo into the test device you are using and then carefully turn up the volume on the stereo. If that results in you hearing sound, the cable and the connection to your stereo is all right. If you do not hear any sound, then the problem is likely the cable or the wrong connection to your stereo was used. If you do hear sound, then the problem is with the connection to your computer. I hope that you get sound because if you don't the problem is harder to track down. If you get sound, turn down the volume on your stereo, disconnect the device you used for testing and try reconnecting the cord to the computer. Be sure to observe if any dialogs are displayed on your computer asking which device you plugged in and answer them correctly. If sound does not return to your stereo, it is possible that the cord somehow got connected to the wrong jack on your sound card. Keeping the volume low, or turningit down and trying different jacks might be worth trying, turning the volume up each time you try a new connection. Of course, the best thing would be to have somebody check the labels on the computer.

Okay, let's take the other possibility, you get no sound when you plug the end of the stereo cable that was plugged in to the computer into your test device. It would be rare that both sides of a stereo cable would go bad at the same time. It is more likely that the wrong jacks were accidentally used on the stereo, or that the stereo can be configured to turn specific jacks on and off. Many modern receivers and TV's have a lot of options that affect the function of jacks. If that seems to be the case, you probably will need to consult the manual and have the connections used on your stereo checked.

The ideal solution, of course, is to get the technician to come back and help you figure out what is happening. If nothing here helps, at least it will help you waste part of a weekend, reducing the amount of time you are missing listening to your computer through your stereo. Of course, I am kidding, these kinds of things are very frustrating.

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Steve Jacobson

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Hi. I wonder if anyone can offer a suggestion. I have my PC connected by cable across the room to the stereo. Yesterday, I had an upgraded preamp installed to replace the manufacturer's previous model. (The brand is NAIM.) I understand the connector configuration is the same, as are the controls. The man who did the installation took great care to connect the cables as they had been arranged before. He's confident he plugged the PC connector in the right place and that the connection is good.

For me to play anything from the PC via the stereo means making a speaker switch in the Windows 10 Sound dialog. However, it isn't working. I've checked the setting, including the volume level (99%) and confirmed that this speaker setting is the default.

Could I be missing anything?


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