Optical Cables and Right-Angle Adaptors

Darran Ross

Hi List.

I've got an optical cable plugged into my desktop machine, and in an attempt to relieve the obvious stress being placed on the cable by its positioning I bought a right-angle adaptor. However, its not working and I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice.

I have actually bought two different adaptors as the first one didn't work either and I thought it might be faulty, but I now find that the second one from a different maker is also not working and I'm a little perplexed to say the least. After all, its such a straight-forward bit of kit that you wonder where you could be going wrong, but I'm hoping someone may be able to shed some light on this for me.

To sum up, the optical cable works as expected until the adaptors are connected, then silence.

Anyone any ideas?


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