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I bought a 256 iPod Touch latest generation recently for my wife when her Stream second Generation died. Her stream was not that old and she was not getting any support. I decided it was more economical to get the new Touch. And I never did think the Stream was a good choice. The Stream replaced the Plextalk Pocket which she got at a significant discount and ended up giving away because it was absolutely worthless in my humble opinion. Ok, not so humble opinion. Laughs! I can't decide which one I hated worse.
As for the touch, it is a pretty nice little device if you want a secondary go to device for portable listening and recording. She has a 12.9 512 GB iPad Pro and an iPhone 8+ which she will be upgrading the phone this spring on the Next plan with the 11 or whatever they call it this fall when it comes out. so for her the touch is used mostly for books, podcasts, exercise workouts, and recreational music on the fly.
The device itself is really compact compared to the 8+. It is sturdy and has good sound for such a small device. Obviously not gigantic sound. It is really little. But good sound for such a tiny device. And with the processor it runs pretty much everything you need it to run. Some people scoffed at it because it didn't have the new chip that the latest and greatest iPad Pro had. But unless you plan on running this little tiny thing like an iPad Pro what did you need that for?
My only real reservation or two reservations were: the battery life could be better. Perhaps its size meant the battery was small? It needs charged more often than I like. But we live in Florida. Hurricane country! So we both keep enough external batteries handy to ride out a six day power outage at any given time so that is not a problem.
The other reservation I have is I can't wait until every new device is switched to USB C. My own personal preference. But this still has a lightning port and an old fashioned earphone jack.
Having said all of that, I never leave the house myself. Or I would have bought one without hesitation. I just didn't need one. I have my own 8+ and iPad Pro and didn't need anything else.

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Very good to consider if you stil have a good mike for it such as zoom IQ6. I might do it later on, as my IPhone is now dying.

On 7/22/19, Dane Trethowan <> wrote:
Does anyone on list have the latest Apple iPod touch?
I’m thinking of buying one to compliment the other IOS devices I have here.
I like the idea of having a small device - something smaller than the
iPad mini - about the size of an iPhone but not being an iPhone.
I did have an iPod touch 2nd Generation all them years ago and I was
extremely fond of that machine.
The speaker wasn’t that great - still better than that of the Victor
Reader Stream though - and the device just got so slow over the years
so I eventually gave it away to a teenaged Blue-Eyed Groovy who
appreciates it to this day.
So with the latest generation I would imagine the quality of the
speaker is better though probably not as good as say an iPhone 8 or X,
so long as the quality is better than it was as I remember it.
Apple have a model with 256GB storage which is the model I’m considering.
The latest generation runs the A10 processor.

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