Latest iPod touch does anyone have it

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Does anyone on list have the latest Apple iPod touch?
I’m thinking of buying one to compliment the other IOS devices I have here.
I like the idea of having a small device - something smaller than the iPad mini - about the size of an iPhone but not being an iPhone.
I did have an iPod touch 2nd Generation all them years ago and I was extremely fond of that machine.
The speaker wasn’t that great - still better than that of the Victor Reader Stream though - and the device just got so slow over the years so I eventually gave it away to a teenaged Blue-Eyed Groovy who appreciates it to this day.
So with the latest generation I would imagine the quality of the speaker is better though probably not as good as say an iPhone 8 or X, so long as the quality is better than it was as I remember it.
Apple have a model with 256GB storage which is the model I’m considering.
The latest generation runs the A10 processor.

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