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Curtis Delzer

I was responding to a very early message in this thread. thanks.

Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA

On 7/17/2019 5:18 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
You'll be waiting a long time as I've given all the information I have <smile>.
I use the Zoom H1N on a daily basis, can't really do more than that.

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I an anxiously awaiting your information about the recorder. I'll probably be interested in one soon.

Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA

On 7/11/2019 6:41 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
Just received this in the mail and have had a brief look at the recorder.

First glances leave me impressed.

The H1N is heavier then the previous H1 and sports most of the controls on
the front of the recorder below the display.

I like the idea of the analogue input level control which is very stiff to
adjust and small enough to keep out of the way so the adjustment stays
permanent and won't be knocked.

The H1N runs on 2 AAA batteries and requires the user to go through a setup
process for display language, Time and Date etc so no recordings
unfortunately until I get some eyeballs to give me a hand tomorrow but I can
tell you now that tomorrow just can't come quickly enough.

One of the problems I found with the Zoom H1 was the slow recovery of the
Automatic Recording Level so it will be interesting to see what if anything
Zoom have done about this? I suspect that the limiters now included with the
recorder will make all the difference here and - this being the case - the
H1N could make a very nice recorder for dictation along with just about
everything else.

Others didn't like the fact that the older H1 didn't have a pause control so
the addition of a pause control is welcome along with a pre-record buffer.

The slot for the Micro SD card is easily accessible on the right hand side
of the recorder just below the input jack and can be opened easily so that's
another nice touch for this handy recorder over the older model.

Too many other additional features and functions to mention over the H1 so I
look forward to sorting all of these out over time and I'm glad it's the
weekend, others might be disappointed with the weekend weather - bitterly
cold and windy here - but its great manual-type reading weather.


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