Re: Getting my Mac to recognize Zoom H1N as external drive

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Okay here’s what you do.
You first need to turn the power on for the H1N recorder and wait until the recorder is booted.
Then connect the USB cable from the recorder to the computer.
At this point the USB connection screen displays on the recorder.
Here’s where you need to use the 4 keys below the display mentioned previously so to get to Card Reader press `Limiter key - that’s the 3rd key from the left - and then press Auto level key - that’s the right most key on the row, the forth. -
You should now be able to use the recorder as a USB Card reader.
When finished make sure to “Safely Eject” the H1N from your computer system in which ever way your computer handles it.
Now going back to the USB screen for a moment.
If you press the Auto Level key twice then you will set the recorder to USB Sound Device mode.
I’ve tried all this on both a Mac and Windows machine.
Hope this helps.

On 17 Jul 2019, at 10:36 pm, Mike Busboom <mbusboom@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

can someone tell me how to get my Mac or PC to recognize my Zoom H1N as a hard drive?

In terms of nomenclature, I call the horizontal buttons immediately below the display, from left to right, H1 through H4. I call the buttons below the Record button, B1 through B4, with B1 and B2 in the top row and B3 and B4 on the bottom row.

What key combination do I need to press in order to make either a Mac or PC recognize the H1N as a hard drive?

Thanks and all the best,


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