Re: Getting my Mac to recognize Zoom H1N as external drive

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Okay well let's make the button layout of the recorder a little easier for
you and everyone else.
The buttons below the display are your softkeys but do have designated
functions to them if pressed.
From left to right they are Audio, Low-Cut, Limiter and auto level.
Below those buttons is the round button on its own and that is the record
button with a LED beside it so the Record button - with its shape and the
LED alongside - is very identifiable.
Below the record button is a square group of 4 square buttons and they are
in this order:
Top row is stop and then Play/Pause
Bottom row of two is rewind/back and fastforward/fastforward.
I'm not exactly sure how one accesses the SD card from the recorder as yet
so I'm going to do some testing now and see whether the H1N follows a Zoom
standard I know of so, hope to get back to you all shortly.

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Subject: [all-audio] Getting my Mac to recognize Zoom H1N as external drive

Hi everyone,

can someone tell me how to get my Mac or PC to recognize my Zoom H1N as a
hard drive?

In terms of nomenclature, I call the horizontal buttons immediately below
the display, from left to right, H1 through H4. I call the buttons below the
Record button, B1 through B4, with B1 and B2 in the top row and B3 and B4 on
the bottom row.

What key combination do I need to press in order to make either a Mac or PC
recognize the H1N as a hard drive?

Thanks and all the best,


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