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Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

You can find Take Control books at
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On 6 Jul 2019, at 3:41 am, Anders Holmberg <> wrote:

A link please.

5 juli 2019 kl. 01:57 skrev Dane Trethowan <>:

As it happens I'm downloading updates to all my Garage Band Tutorials for OS and IOS so lots of reading and catching up to do.
Take Control have heaps of IOS/OS tutorials available that may interest list members including Take Control of Siri, Take Control Of Apple TV etc.

-----Original Message-----
From: <> On Behalf Of Victor
Sent: Friday, 5 July 2019 9:50 AM
Subject: Re: [all-audio] Accessible Audio Production Apps

Garage band is very accessible on iOS. As far as I know, it is still accessible on the Mac.

On Jul 4, 2019, at 4:30 PM, Dane Trethowan <> wrote:

Of course there's the old favourite in Garage Band and I've not tried the wonderful Reaper in a good while so I'm assuming that both options are still useable.
Whilst I'm at my PC I may as well try to find a version of Pro-Tools and see how I get on.

-----Original Message-----
From: <> On Behalf Of Steve
Sent: Friday, 5 July 2019 9:05 AM
Subject: Re: [all-audio] Accessible Audio Production Apps

Logic Pro X was good up until its latest 10.4.5 update. Accessibility thereto is starting to lag, and things that once worked are becoming problems. So saith those that use it. I own it but know very little about how to use it, so I can't comment from personal knowledge.

On 7/4/2019 2:20 PM, Anders Holmberg wrote:
Amadeus pro works and Jonathan Mosen has done a book you can buy where he discusses several things on how to use it with VoiceOver.
I’ve heard logic Pro x also works quite well with VoiceOver.

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