Re: Accessible Audio Production Apps

Steve Matzura

While Avid's Website is not very well thought out from an accessibility standpoint, Pro Tools definitely is, and with the introduction of FloTools to do things native PT accessibility cannot or does not do well, this program is very accessible now.

As far as choices of which Pro Tools to own, take the standard version. PT First is a bit on the light side--doesn't come with many extras such as audio plugins or instruments. You'll pay more for standard Pro Tools, but it's an industry standard on Macintosh computers, so if you're a Mac person, this is definitely the direction to take.

Of course, there's always Reaper, which is cross-platform between OS X and Windows, but the Windows implementation is better (in my unhumble opinion).

If you search the Internet long enough and hard enough, you'll find articles and videos with titles like "Why I Switched From Pro Tools to Reaper," and vice versa, so it really comes down to look and feel, although PT people will always hawk their system as being the best, even though it's unwieldy sometimes. I've been dabbling in it for sixteen months now, and while I can get stuff done in it at least with MIDI, I have had absolutely no experience recording audio with it because (A) that's not my thing, and (B) I don't sing or play an acoustic instrument that can fit in my crackerbox-palace apartment, or know anyone who does and needs to have it recorded.

On 7/3/2019 11:42 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
Yes that costs sounds about right in US Dollars.
I explored Adobe Audition years ago and have no idea how accessible the App is now.
Naturally the more accessible Apps out there for as many platforms is to be encouraged so if you are one of those people still using Adobe Audition then please tell us how you're getting along, I for one would be interested to hear.
At present I'm trying to find out how Pro-Tools is looking both for Windows and Mac.
24 years ago when I was using an Apple Mac LC-630, Pro-Tools was the choice of App to use for audio recording and production and with very good reason.
Now however? Well last time I went up onto the Pro-Tools web site I came off the site more confused by the various versions I had seen available than I had been before my visit.

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