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Gerardo Corripio

Also that you could take something recorded with Backpack Studio, for instance, and upload it to Anchor. Can that be done already I wonder?

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El 18 jun 2019, a la(s) 9:35 a. m., Dane Trethowan <> escribió:

Well we’ll really going places With Backpack Studio now.
I’ve been using the App for ages and over that time the Backpack Studio - Formally Bossjock - has become increasingly more powerful whilst keeping the flexibility and accessibility of the App at the users fingertips.
The latest version of Backpack Studio brings yet another breakthrough in my opinion and that is the ability to Stream your broadcast over the Internet right from the Backpack Studio App so this means we now have a pretty much full suite of broadcasting/DJ tools available from one App.
Broadcast whatever you want with the effects you need, the songs that your audience wants to hear, all the stingers and jingles you create and more broadcast over the Internet, recorded in real time etc.
I enjoy using Backpack Studio on my iPad Pro as it gives me plenty of room with which to work and I can assign as many Cart Decks as I need in a session.
If you don’t have an iPad Pro then you can use Backpack Studio affectively though you will need to do a lot more scrolling to get to those extra Cart Players you may wish to use.
An iTunes library is not required though for some an iTunes Library may be a good start.
You can pretty much import your music from anywhere, Dropbox, Google Drive and so on as well as from your IOS device itself.
I hope the next move considered by the developers of Backpack Studio is the ability to take music directly from Spotify or Tidal for your Broadcast Playlist.

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