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Gina, I love google assistant. Its available on many thirdparty
speakers also, and I recently aquired the jbl link20. And now I can
carry the thing around and don't have to sit at one place where the
GoogleHome mini is plugged in. Yes google understands easlier, I just
struggle for it to here me trigger it sometimes.

On 6/9/19, Brian Olesen <> wrote:
Hi Gina,
Google Assistant is very good at understanding human voice. Probably the
best at it at the moment.
Alexa is almost just as good, but dear miss Siri lacks quite a bit behind.
The response voice that comes with Siri is seriously upgraded with iOS 13
which definitely sutes her!

Best regards

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I wondered from your perspective, what assistant works best for you? I get
the impression that Google, Alexa and Siri are equal in terms of
understanding my request. I am wondering if the Google service is better as
users can teach it their voice. Is Google tolerant of your voice
presentation? Is Alexa better?

Please note, I am not enquiring about the response just purely of hearing
correctly the users request.

On 9 Jun 2019, at 19:36, Tom Kaufman <> wrote:

I have a bit of a speech impediment that also causes her to not always
understand what I say; I will send a text message, using Siri; if I say
something that has the "R" sound, she'll sometimes get it wrong!
Tom Kaufman

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Yeah she doesn’t understand what i say sometimes.
Really idiocy.

5 juni 2019 kl. 19:46 skrev Georgina Joyce <


I think the improvement of Siri’s voice is my favourite. Pity she is a
dum ass.


On 4 Jun 2019, at 22:15, Dane Trethowan <>

I’m sure many of you on list were following along and what an event it
was, certainly far better than the other session Apple held a few months
The highlight for me was the announcement that iTunes is to be split
into 3 different Apps and not before time too I hear you all say.
Apple Music App will handle all your music. Apple Podcasts your podcasts
etc and Apple TV for the rest, sound familiar? It certainly does so if
you’re using an IOS device.


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Call: M0EBP
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