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You’re a brave man to say that Brian <smile>.
I’m not at all disputing what you say but I will add that Amazon can’t be too far behind.
Actually where amazon seems to excel is with their microphone arrangements on their devices, I’ve already written about how good hands free quality was with Alexa and Skype.

On 6 Jun 2019, at 6:10 am, Brian Olesen <brian@blindkom.dk> wrote:

But right now Google Assistant is the king, when it comes to understanding human voices.


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Apple are going to have to get their act together as Voice Assistans are incredibly powerful these days.
With Alexa you can create routines and I imagine the same can be done with Google.
Samsung’s Bixby is even more powerful than that allowing a full scripting nearly.

On 6 Jun 2019, at 3:46 am, Georgina Joyce <gena@gena-j.me.uk> wrote:


I think the improvement of Siri’s voice is my favourite. Pity she is a dum ass.


On 4 Jun 2019, at 22:15, Dane Trethowan <grtdane@internode.on.net> wrote:

I’m sure many of you on list were following along and what an event it was, certainly far better than the other session Apple held a few months back.
The highlight for me was the announcement that iTunes is to be split into 3 different Apps and not before time too I hear you all say.
Apple Music App will handle all your music. Apple Podcasts your podcasts etc and Apple TV for the rest, sound familiar? It certainly does so if you’re using an IOS device.


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