Re: Goldwave problem persists

John Covici

Did you look at the visual tab in the control properties and set
everything you could to blank? Before I did this, I had some
problems, not as severe, but maybe this is something you could
experiment with and see what happens.

On Sun, 02 Jun 2019 23:38:41 -0400,
Donald L. Roberts wrote:

I am writing in the hope that some list member might have a
version of GoldWave older than 6.23 which he would be willing
either to email as an attachment or to send a download link.

Older versions of the program worked fine, but 6.23 and
subsequently 6.35 cause my system to hang, regardless of what
screen reader I am using.  Incidentally, I am running windows 10,
1809 although I had the same problem using 1803.   It isn't a
matter of just muting the sound card.  I also should mention that
I am having the same problem on another PC running 1809. Frankly,
I am out of ideas.

Is any other list member having similar problems with the current
incarnation of GoldWave?

Don Roberts

Don Roberts

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