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Tom Kaufman

Dane: I hear you about the Amazon Tap; I, too, am sorry that the Amazon folks have seen fit to not make the Tap available (or at least not support it) I have an Amazon Tap; like the fact that it is portable! I do have an Amazon Echo; nice-sounding piece; am only bothered by the fact that it does not deliver stereo sound...that is...unless you want to get two of them! My Tap does do stereo...and I like that!
Tom Kaufman

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Subject: [all-audio] Amazon Alexa and Skype

I recently set up my Amazon Alexa devices to work with Skype and was wondering If anyone else on list had done the same.
I’m quite impressed with the audio quality not from Skype so much but from the Amazon Alexa units themselves using Skype.
I intend to do a demo of how good the latest Amazon Alexa Echo Dot sounds when I’m talking from the opposite side of my room in my armchair from where the Dot is sitting on the shelf above my computer desk.
The idea of using Skype with your Alexa device is simple enough, just ask Alexa to call a number etc and Alexa will use your Skype account.
My interest in Skype had I thought disappeared completely until I learnt about integrating my Alexa devices into Skype.
This is handy not just for making everyday calls but a great security idea, if I have an accident, fall etc then I can summon help immediately given I have an Alexa in every room of my house now and can always add more if required.
My only disappointment with the whole Amazon Alexa thing is the fact that Amazon have seen fit not to continue development of the Amazon Alexa Tap device which I think still is one of the best thought out Amazon devices still around.

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