Re: Goldwave 6.23 major problem

Donald L. Roberts

Thanks so much, Joe, for your kind offer.  Actually, the keyboard I use has a key which mutes and restarts the sound card as a toggle.

Having checked that, however, the problem appears to be a Goldwave setting which thus far I haven't found but plan to contact the developer for ideas.

Speaking of Goldwave settings, there is one particular setting (not related to this problem) which I must set when using a screen reader for best performance.  Unfortunately, I can't recall what it is.  So if someone knows, please post on list.


Don Roberts

On 5/27/2019 8:10 AM, Joe Paton via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Robert,

Don't know if this would help, because the cause is not clear.

There is a small utility which, when installed, sets a function key to
mute and unmute output on the main or default audio device.

So you could when this utility is running, press f9 and if muted, the
system is switched on again.

If this might help, drop me a not: and I'll send you a link.

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