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Dolby Atmos is excellent but probably not to everyone’s taste or perhaps they may not be interested in putting speakers on the ceiling to get the full effect which is truly stunning if you have the Dolby Atmos material to play which is becoming more widely available.

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hi curtis,

i agree with those that say the kef egg are good as i have had these
connected to my computer for a few years and they are really good.
but like you i recently got a large screen tv and wanted something good
to go with it.
after studying as many soundbars and surround systems around in january
which is when i was getting one i came to the conclusion it had to be a
dolby atmos system as this appears to be the future of home cinema sound
this not only gives you sound from all around you but also gives sound
from above as well so it sounds like your in the middle of the action.
lots of this type of system require you to mount speakers in the ceiling
which i didn't want to do so i then started looking for something that
can do the same thing without mounting that type of ceiling speakers.
i found 2 manufacturers that sold systems with vertual atmos sound
without having to mount ceiling speakers.
they were sony and damson.
every one knows sony but probably most people wont know damson.
damson have invented the smallest dolby atmos surround system in the
world the soundbar, sub woofer, and rear speakers are all wireless and
really small compared to normal soundbars and sub woofers.
and the way they create the over head sound is that they have a small
speaker unit that magnetises
to the top of the soundbar and fires sound up to bounce off the ceiling
to give you the sense of being in the middle of everything.
the sony models do this in a different way.
they have developed what they call their virtical sound engine which
gives off sounds tiny fractions of seconds apart and as they change
those fractions it makes it sound like things are going over and around
your head.
sony have a few of these systems, the ht-x8500 which is just a stand
alone soundbar with small sub woofer built in, the ht-x9000 which comes
i believe as a soundbar with a seporate sub woofer, and the ht-f9 which
is a soundbar with seporate sub woofer plus you can buy wireless rear
speakers as an optional extra.
in the UK the ht-x8500 costs £350 and this one was only released in
january, the ht-x9000 costs £377, and the ht-f9 costs £598 plus an extra
£260 for the optional wireless rear speakers.
all of these have HDMI ARC sockets which your new tv should have the
difference between a standard HDMI and the HDMI ARC socket is that the
ARC one has an audio return channel meaning the HDMI lead connected to
this socket on the soundbar and the tv is the only connection you need
between the 2 as it sends the sound back down the same HDMI lead to feed
the sound to the sound system.
i eventually decided to get the sony system and went for the ht-f9 [at
that time the ht-x8500 hadn't been released].
the reason i went for that one was to be on the cautious side as just
like many years ago when there was betamax and vhs and no one knew who
would win the same can be said about sound now as there is dolby atmos
and dts-x competing for the best sound, but with the sony ht-f9 this
system can work with either type of sound feeds.
both the other sony models can handle both types as well.
the damson model could not handle the dts-x sound.
also the damson method of bouncing sound off the ceiling requires you to
have a completely smooth flat ceiling which i don't have as i have artex
ceilings where theres patterns engraved in them.
the sony also have a virtual dolby atmos button on the remote control
which will simulate over head sounds from non dolby atmos signals.
after having this dolby atmos sound for the last 4 months i wouldn't
want to go back to just stereo or a standard surround sound.
my ht-f9 and the ht-9000 have both wi-fi and bluetooth capability as
well but as far as i can tell the ht-8500 only has bluetooth as i can
find no mention of wi-fi.
if you can visit somewhere that have dolby atmos systems that they can
demonstrate i'm sure you wouldn't want anything else after hearing it.
hope this helps.


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