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Matthew Chao

I have a Sony soundbar that uses digital/audio or Toslink cable. That's where most TVs and soundbars are heading these days.--Matt, N1IBB.

On 5/4/2019 6:06 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
Oh and as a footnote.
Most Soundbars as far as I know take a digital audio feed from your Televisions so your Television will more than likely have at least a digital audio output.

On 5 May 2019, at 7:36 am, Curtis Delzer <curtis@...> wrote:

thanks, these "sound bars," as such, the name confuses me, is it confined to a small area like a bar meaning length of the bar, or would you define it? Seems the TV has analog outputs, but they are RCA and don't change with the TV volume, other wise it'd be easy. I don't know if the TV has blue tooth or not. :) thanks

Curtis Delzer
W B 6 H E F
Rialto, CA

On 5/4/2019 11:01 AM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
The first thing you will need to do is to work out whether the TV has a digital or analogue out.
Then perhaps go looking for a Soundbar.
These are quite cheap now and no, we???re not talking about surround sound necessarily unless you really want that.
I???ve seen 2.1 channel soundboards about the place which work quite well.
The other option might be getting something like a Key Egg system which is effectively a small bookshelf system so you could put each speaker on either side of the television.

On 5 May 2019, at 3:28 am, Curtis Delzer <curtis@...> wrote:

Hi! Last week about this time I won a 50 inch 4K ultra Vizio smart TV, and need some speakers. We don't need surround sound just simple and sounding good. I think the back of the TV has RCA jacks for audio, but the output is not variable from them so I suppose there should be a remote which can be then handled by the main remote for volume from the cable box. We have Spectrum out here, so the cable box now talks. So please, suggest what you recommend I buy. My wife is getting impatient, :) (sort of) but we wish something decent sounding which I know you guys understand. :)

THANKS and please believe me, I sort of feel in a void as to what to look for, and where to find it. Amazon is good for us.


Curtis Delzer
W B 6 H E F
Rialto, CA

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