Re: Has Anybody Tried Sound Forge 13?

Curtis Delzer

agree, I bought 12 and 13 together as an upgrade package this year for $199, but what can we do? Like you I've been using it since probably when it was Sonic Foundry 4.5 and then Sony 5.0? :)

I even did use it in windows 98 when it would do all kinds of weird things if you tried to do anything else with the processor.

 Curtis Delzer
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On 5/3/2019 7:28 AM, Steve Jacobson wrote:
As some of you know, Sound Forge is now owned by Magix, and they are very, very aggressive about their upgrades. In addition, their upgrade pricing is pretty high even if you respond to their upgrade offer. For example, there is currently a limited time upgrade from version 12 to 13 for $199. However, they are advertising changes to the interface to let one customize the interface more. This could mean there are possibilities to tailor it to one's advantage, or they could have changed their interface in such a way as to make it less accessible. Has anybody tried this yet? I do get some frustrated with promises in new versions of Sound Forge that don't seem to benefit me but I have upgraded to take advantage of what I feel are nothing more than bug fixes. Yet, I do like the program and I've used it so long that I don't really want to change yet.

I would appreciate any thoughts.

Best regards,

Steve Jacobson

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